Wednesday 21 Feb 2018
Words from the President


It is perhaps more important now than any other time in history that nations work to improve communications and solidify their relationships. This means improving not only the cultural environment of the global village but also the well-being of all its citizens. During the War that Japan invaded China, Dr. Norman Bethune sought to improve the welfare of all citizens without regard to political boundaries. It is in this spirit that the Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada (BMDAC) was formed.

Our initial aim is to help facilitate new relationships between Chinese and Canadian hospitals and universities. We hope to foster strong and long-lasting connections between these institutions. There is much to be learned from both countries. The establishment of closer relationships will create learning and teaching opportunities in both countries. It is our mission to help facilitate this cooperation and collaboration so that students and academic professions from China may secure positions in Canada, and likewise.

The end result can be of great benefit to both countries. The main byproduct of such exchanges will be better healthcare for our citizens. The BMDAC facilitates this process in the spirit of Norman Bethune, who has now earned the recognition in both countries for his selfless efforts to build the same cross-cultural bridge when it was far more difficult to do so.




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