Wednesday 21 Feb 2018
The Bethune-Errett Award

The Bethune-Errett Medical Development Award (BEMDA) is named after two well-known Canadian surgeons, Dr. Norman Bethune (Chinese name: 白求恩), and Dr. Lee Errett. Dr. Norman Bethune died in 1939 in China during World War II when helping Chinese against Japanese invasion. He became a national hero in China and the reference standard for international altruism. Dr. Lee Errett is the founder of Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada.

The aims and objectives of award are to recognize and encourage the achievements of building the cross-cultural bridge between China and Canada in the fields of patient care, hospital management, disease prevention and medical research internationally. BEMDA is to be awarded annually in Toronto, Canada. Each winner receives an award including a trophy together with a certificate granted by Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada.


Rules of Application

1. Applicants who work in the areas of patient care, public health, hospital administration and medical research are eligible for applying for the award.

2. Applicants must provide the references for achievements listed in their application.

3. International training experience (especially Canadian experience) is preferred, but is not necessary.

4. All applicants must register as members of the Bethune Medical Development Association of Canada.

5. Applicants must fill up the application form completely and send it to the award committee. The application form is available online.Download the application form now. Uncompleted forms will not be processed.

6. Winners shall be responsible for the expenses associated with travelling to the award ceremony.



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