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“Contemporary Norman Bethune Scholarship” in Cardiac Surgery


Official Annoucement at

September 11, 2017

McGill University: Division of Cardiac Surgery “Contemporary Norman Bethune Scholarship” in Cardiac Surgery
General Information Location: McGill University Health Center (MUHC)
Type of fellowship: 1 year scholarship in Adult Cardiac Surgery
Academic Affiliation: McGill University Scholarship
Program Director: Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim

Scholarship Background
Through years of charity mission, knowledge exchange, and teaching in China, led by Dr. Dominique Shum-Tim (also known as Contemporary Norman Bethune), a professor and senior academic Cardiac Surgeon at MUHC, over 100 open heart surgeries across more than 30 cities have been performed. As an extension of this mission which is now fully endorsed by the Chinese community at Montreal, Quebec, Canada as well as the Foundation of the MUHC, a full tuition and salary (CAD 75,000$) raised by the MUHC foundation will be offered to the qualified candidate every year. The purpose of the scholarship is to further enhance exchanges between Canada and China through advanced education and exposure for qualified cardiac surgeons such that they can inrease their expertise in Cardiac Surgery to benefit the patients in China. Qualifications

• Independent or semi-independent Cardiac Surgeon at his/her institution in China
• Hold staff privilege at his/her hospital in China
• Accepted by the division of Cardiac Surgery at MUHC and McGill University • No previous criminal or disciplinary records
• Fluent in English
• Capable to take call under the supervision of attending surgeon
• It is expected that the candidate will return to his /her original hospital to practice Cardiac Surgery after completion of fellowship training
• Qualified candidate will be provided with a scholarship (CAD 75,000$/year) for 1 year (up to 2 years) (Contemporary Norman Bethune Scholarship in Cardiac Surgery provided by The MUHC Foundation)
• The candidate is expected to cover the tuition fee for international student at McGill
• The candidate is expected to arrange (with the assistance of surgical secretary) his/her legal documents, medical license, and visa to work in Canada
• The candidate is expected to cover and arrange his/her transportation and accommodation while studying in Canada
• The candidate is expected to hold highest standard as a physician/surgeon in good standing throughout his/her training at McGill
• The overall curriculum can be flexible depending on the candidate path of career, surgical skills and his overall interest or niche in cardiac surgery that will be kept within the context of criteria set by the Royal College of Surgeons in Canada and McGill University. This goal will be discussed and established at the beginning of his/her fellowship. A periodic feedback will be given to each candidate throughout the year
• Application is to be submitted through McGill University Fellowship Office by July 1 one year before starting of his/her fellowship year


Egret Medical Development Scholarship

Egret Medical Development Scholarship is set up by Xiamen Overseas Chinese Society of Canada and BMDAC. This scholarship is designed to encourage young doctors from Fujian Province of China, especially from Xiamen district to come to Canada to learn advanced medical concepts and technologies. BMDAC will help secure the clinical training positions. Meanwhile, XOCSC will fulfill the financial component of the scholarship. For application, please contact BMDAC at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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